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(by Simon Alcantara  6/13/2009)

waah! it is a very exhausting day for us, the CLSU Collegian writers because the seminar workshop which we had organized was already finish! But theres a BIG BUT..yes were tired BUT WE ARE FULFILLED! knowing that we, the CLSU Kule as the official student voice of the CLSUans, can reach out various college publications here in CLSU such as The Educator, The CBAA Link, The CHSI Newspeak, The Plowman,The Mechanics and different organizations. Through the seminar, I realized that life has its own way of making us smile even when where about to give up and lose hope because certain surprises come to our way just when we thought we would never smile again. God`s blessings may come as a surprise, and how much we receives depend on how much we believe! want some proofs? I almost faint when I went to San Jose a day before our seminar to check d streamer (Courtesy of our sponsor CVC Supermarket) and to my surprise,it is not yet done! naah! we badly need that for the hall praparation! so what we did is we made a substitute for that and surprisingly, we did it! but the problem doesn`t stop there, it is the fisrt day of our seminar when I arrived at the rstc to furnish some stuffs when ate Florence,our EIC hurriedly ran to me and said that our first speaker was sick so she cannot come to discuss the fisrt lecture. A big mess! the participant are now gathered in the room! so what we did is we organized a group dymanics acitivity for the participants to atleast maximize the time and again,it worked! and everything runs smoothly after that! very nice isn`t it? =) tnx to ate florence and kuya jayson marzan!BOTTOM LINE: der will always be a lapses in any event but der will always an oppurtunity to mitigate those lapses! just believe in ourselves and play d game with faith! trust me..everything will be fine!

nga pala, one thing which I truly enjoyed in the seminar was the food! Yeah! xempre aq ung external managing editor so I handled the entire budget of the lahat ng foods eh dadaan muna sakin bago skanila..hahaha! tnx to our caterer, ate soffie of Soffie`s Choice in the Alumni Center lagi aqng libre..yeah! till next seminar hah! =) tnx to those who attended the seminar!


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