Don`t judge a book by its cover
(by  6/14/2009)

This is a very common English idiom which literally means ďdonít determine the worth of something based on its appearanceĒ.

Those simple line reminds me the book entitled; Broken Wing - Donít Judge a Book by Its Cover by Jim Hullihan.
The following short, inspirational story illustrates clearly the potential that lies within each and every one of us. These beautiful words jog my memory not to move to judgment quickly, but rather to seek potential even in those many others have given up on.

Some people are just doomed to be failures. Thatís the way some adults look at troubled kids. Maybe youíve heard the saying, ďA bird with a broken wing will never fly as highĒ. T. J. Ware, who was the main character in the story, was made to feel this way almost every day in school.

TJ by in his high school years has known as the most celebrated troublemaker in his town. His teachers literally cringed when they see his name on their lists of students for the next semester. He doesnít even talkative in the class nor answer question on their discussions. But above all, he was involved a lot into fights. In his senior year, he flunked his classmates almost every time he entered the class. But surprisingly, he even passed all his subjects and entered to a higher grade level.

As the story goes by, TJ was invited to join ACE training, a program designed to have students become more involved in their communities. Someone spoke in the introduction about the darker side of TJ who all believed he must not in the list.
His other group mates are too elusive on him. The other students in T. J.ís group welcomed his comments. At that time, T. J. felt like a part of the group, and before long he was being treated like a leader. He was saying things that made a lot of sense, and everyone was listening. T. J. was a smart guy, and he had some great ideas.

As the days goes by, TJ made a big impact as for the first time he was been active in their next sessions. He may even join the Homeless Project Team. He led their group, being elected as a co-chairman, to a record setting for collecting foods that will fill the empty shelves in neighborhood centers and needy persons.

This very inspirational story reminds me always. Some said that I am not good in writing; Iíve just passed the CLSU Collegian because of my older brother who is a former editor-in-chief of the said publication.
I always appreciate the criticisms but this time, I think that itís not a criticism. I always admit myself that I am not an inborn writer, a child who eats words.

But all this criticisms Iíve heard, I always tend to be an effective writer someday. Trying that sometimes they may value what I am doing.

But those who first criticize me, prove to me first that you are better than others. Or else you donít even appreciate who you are.

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