Procedure in the payment of Alumni Lifetime Membership Fee

Step 1: Go to the nearest Landbank in your area.

Step 2: Fill up the Deposit Slip using the information below.

Step 3: Choose the amount below based on your level.

*Note: For those who graduated Accounting Technology and will
graduate to BS Accountancy just send your previous Alumni Lifetime
Certificate to the CLSU Alumni Association Inc. for verification and you will receive a confirmation as cleared.

Step 4: Take a photo or scan the deposit slip/receipt of your payment.

Step 5: Fill out the Application Form for CLSU Alumni Association Inc. Lifetime Membership

Here`s the link Membership Form

Your payment confirmation will be sent by the CLSU Alumni Association Inc. to your e-mail address.

For inquiries, kindly send a message to the CLSU Alumni Association Inc.

E-mail Address of CLSUAAI:
CP no.: 0955-9910-575/0955-9910-561 = TM
0961-615-2106 = Smart

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