President's Report for the month of May 2009
(by Dr. Romeo S. Cabanilla  6/15/2009)

April 30, 2009 (Thursday)

Trip to the CLSU Alumni Center

  • Attended the Regular Monthly Meeting of the Board of Directors and other Alumni Officers
  • Post-evaluation of the performance of the Association during the Grand Alumni Homecoming and Fellowship Program on April 18, 2009 held at the University Multi-purpose Gym.
  • Appr0oved the granting of 50% discount of stall fees of the lessees during the months of April and May 2009 only
  • Approved the granting of incentives to the following Alumni personnel who worked overtime time during the preparations of activities for the Grand Alumni Homecoming: Anabelle, Grace, Dep. Sec-Gen M.S. Ringor, Dir. R. L. Saplaco and Dir. M.B. Agustin and one (1) SA
  • Approved the holding of Off-Campus Regular Monthly Meeting on May 30-31, 2009
  • Board of Directors present approved the designation of Dir. Romeo L. Saplaco as the new Association’s Secretary-General vice Mr. Arturo O. Manipon effective May 4, 2009.

    April 5 (Tuesday)
  • Trip to the CLSU Alumni Center
  • President Sevilleja inquired on our recommendation to the Alumni Relation’s Office (ARO) vice Dr. Carlos C. Abon, Jr who went on sabbatical leave to PhilRice. I informed him that we are recommending Mr. Ernesto T. Jimenez, Jr. He was no objection on our recommendation.
  • Signed the designation of Dir. Romeo L. Saplaco as the Association’s new Secretary-General effective May 4, 2009.
  • Signed the withdrawal slip for the incentives of some Alumni Association’s personnel
  • Represented the Alumni Association in visiting the bereaved family of Prof. Ahmed Punzalan who passed away – gave a wreath to express our condolence to the bereaved family. With me were Dir. R.L. Saplaco, Engr. I.R. Villaflor and Mr. Precy D. Evangelista

    April 6 (Wednesday)
  • Trip to the CLSU Alumni Center
  • The new Secretary-General did some house cleaning/fixing of Alumni Offices, etc.
  • Issued Memo to Mr. Arturo O. Manipon to officially turn-over the Office of he Secretary-General to Dir. Romeo L. Saplaco being the new Sec.-Gen of the Association
  • Ocular inspection of the on-going Alumni Guestel and the drainage canal being dug by the University backhoe – new site of the Alumni Association (with Dir. O.F. Ringor and Arch. E.C. Tuliao
  • Rodavel delivered our orders of construction materials as follows: a) 400 cement bags; b) 129 pcs of 10 mm steel bars; and, c) plumbing and electrical fixtures

    May 8 (Friday)
  • Trip to the CLSU Alumni Center
  • Dir. R.L. Saplaco still busy in trying to improve the arrangements of furniture/fixtures in the Alumni Center – together with the three (3) Students Assistants
  • Instructed Grace to expedite the sending of letters of thanks/acknowledgements to donors to the Alumni Guestel and Major players in selling our Alumni Raffle Tickets.
  • Ocular inspection of the on-going construction of the Alumni Guestel. The third floor is about to be finished for concreting – scheduled on May 13-14.

    May 11 (Monday)
  • Trip to the CLSU Alumni Center
  • Talk to President Sevilleja re the designation of ARO. I was informed by the President that the OSA Dean, Dr. Elizabeth Suba, doesn’t want to release Mr. Ernesto T. Jimenez because her Unit lacks Faculty and Staff, hence, Dr. Suba recommended Dr. Zenaida M. Serna to be the ARO Director.
  • Arch. E.C. Tuliao and myself submitted all pertinent papers required for the Building Permit of the Alumni Guestel as follows: 1) Request that we be exempted from paying all Fees like Mayor’s Fee; Zoning Fees and Fire Department Fees; 2) Plumbing Permit; and, 3) Electrical Permit.
  • The Honorable Mayor, Dr. Nestor L. Alvarez, granted our request that we be exempted from paying all the required fees for building permit. On behalf of the Board of Directors, we express our thanks and gratitude to the Honorable Mayor for his benevolence and kindness. The following personnel at the Mayor’s Office assisted us: Engr. Armando Miranda; Engr, Peter John Desamito, Engr. Andy Gagelonia and Mr. Jun Cabanilla of the Muñoz Fire Department.

    May 12 (Tuesday)
  • Trip to PTA Beach Resort, San Fabian, Pangasinan (with Anabelle and Grace). Purpose: To scout the venue for the scheduled Regular Monthly Meeting of the BOD and other Alumni Officers on May 30-31, 2009.
    Result: Too expensive; other nearby Beach Resorts was also not conducive/not ideal for the group
  • Surveyed the Charissa’s Beach Resort at San Fabian also. The place is a safe and ideal place – so we made a reservation.
  • The Knight of Columbus Management also requested me to make a reservation for them in Charissa’s for their meeting on May 16-17, 2009.

    May 13 (Wednesday)
  • Trip to the CLSU Alumni Center

    Dr. Zenaida Serna, newly appointed ARO Director visited the Alumni Center. We talk about the duties and responsibilities of the ARO Director. Dir. R.L. Saplaco joined us in our discussion.
    Meeting with Dr. E.L. Ruiz – we discussed on how to further intensify our Solicitation Campaign for the Alumni Guestel.
    We Also made some Change of Order of Bill of Materials using the P1.0 M donation of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile. Wrote the University President about the Change Order of Bill of Materials, of which, he approved our request – in the presence of the Chief of the Procurement Office, Mr. Anselmo Munsayac.
    Went to the Office of the Chairman of the Univerity Bids and Awards Committee, Dr. Tereso A. Abella. We requested him to just conduct a negotiated sealed canvass instead of the usual Bidding Process - - - Dr. Abella agreed.

    May 14 (Thursday)
  • Trip to the CLSU Alumni Center
  • Meeting with the University President about the problem of spending the P1.0M donation of Senate President Enrile – esp. the nature of SARO. The University Accountant, Ms. Evelyn Hilario; two (2) Internal Audit Personnel joined us during the meeting. To resolve the problem: 1). President Sevilleja will request Sen. Pres. Enrile to revise his letter to the DBM – Change Building Construction (Code 212) to Construction Materials (Code 765); 2) SP Enrile will write the OBM about these changes.
  • Concreting of the 3rd Floor today. Balong employed 40 construction workers in order to finish the work up to 8:00 am the following day, May 15.

    May 15 (Friday)
  • 6:15 am – Trip to the Alumni Center. Visited the construction workers who were still working in the third floor.
  • They finished their work at 8:15 am. Arch. E.C. Tuliao was also in the Alumni Guestel who had an ocular observation on the work of the workers. They took their breakfast at the Soffee’s Restaurant – c/o the Association (P25/plate = fried eggs, hotdogs and a cup of rice plus Coffee).

    May 18 (Monday)
  • Trip to the CLSU Alumni Center
  • The foreman and his construction workers started working on the columns of the third floor. Also, they started putting CHB as the wallings of the ground floor.
  • President Sevilleja sent to our Alumni Office the following:
  • 1. Letter to Senate Pres. Juan Ponce Enrile to change the code in the SARO – from Infrastructure Code 212 to Construction Materials for the CLSU Alumni Guestel – Code 765.
  • 2. Draft letter to the DBM to be singed by Sen. Pres. Juan Ponce Enrile.
  • Vice Pres. & Dir. Teotimo M. Aganon volunteered to give the letters to the Office of Sen. Pres. Enrile since he will have an Official Business in Metro Manila on May 20, 2009.
  • Meeting with Dr. E.L. Ruiz & Dir. R.L. Saplaco on how to intensify Fund Solicitation Campaign for the Alumni Guestel.
  • Prepared ourselves for the forthcoming meeting with the Project consultant/staff of Cong. Edno Joson, particularly our solicitation of donation for the Alumni Guestel. Mr. Choy Verzola is scheduled to go to the Alumni Center on May 21, 2009.

    May 20 (Wednesday)
  • Trip to the CLSU Alumni Center
  • Activities:
  • Made the 4th revision of the Bill of Materials for the P1.0M donation of Sen. Pres. Enrile. Cancelled the order for steel bars and change it with Toilet Floor and Wall Tiles Finishes such as tiles, etc.
  • Prepared certificate of appreciation for all BOD and other Alumni Officers who have worked so hard in the preparation for the Grand Alumni Homecoming last April 18, 2009.
  • Ordered Anabelle to canvass and purchase the steel bars needed in the third floor as follows: 156 pcs. of 16 mm; 50 pcs. of 10 mm steel bars.

    May 21 (Thursday)
  • Trip to the CLSU Alumni Center
  • Meeting with Dr. E.L. Ruiz & Dir. R.L. Saplaco held at the Administration Building of the ELR Trading at Bagong Sikat.
  • Planned our strategy in meeting with the Consultant Project Officer of Cong. Edno N. Joson, Mr. Choy Verzola.
  • Mr. Choy Verzola informed Dir. R.L. Saplaco that we will just meet him at 12 NN in the compound of Mayor Willy Domingo of Licab Town.
  • 11:45 AM – Left CLSU for Licab Town to meet Mr. Choy Verzola.
  • 2:15 PM – Meeting with Mr. Choy Verzola. He showed to us the list of projects to be funded by Cong. Edno Joson and the CLSU Alumni Guestel is included with a budget of P5.0M.
  • The group decided where to spend the proposed budget and he promised to work on it as soon as possible.
  • He instructed us to send a letter of thanks to Cong. Edno Joson.
  • As an expression of appreciation, we told Mr. Verzola that we will invite Cong. Joson to be our Guest of Honor and Speaker during the Mid-year Alumni Homecoming sometime October or November 2009.

    May 23 (Saturday)
  • PM – Trip to the Alumni center. Meeting with the group of Mr. Apolonio Tolentino (Thelma Corales; Claudia Lardizabal; Lilia Alejo; Fe Fonatanilla; Renato Roxas; Franklin Ovay; Judy Macalinao; Angelina Mendoza; Pacifico Alejo; Marcelino Dizon; and Romulo Adriano).
  • We offered them snack (pancit sotanghon & softdrinks & coffee)
  • The group donated P12,800.00 with the corresponding number of centennial coffee table book (7 copies) but I entrusted 10 copies to UJAM President Apolonio Tolentino. They stayed in the Alumni Center up to 4:30 PM.
  • With Association President were Anabelle and Grace who prepared the snack for the visitors.

    May 25 (Monday)
  • AM – Trip to CLSU: Did routinary activities in the Alumni Center.
  • Sec.-Gen R.L. Saplaco prepared the following letters
  • 1. Letter of thanks to Cong. Edno Joson for his impending P4.0M to the Alumni Guestel; and, P1.0M for the ASTS;
  • 2. Letter endorsing a Project Proposal entitled “Proposed Learning Resource Center (Library) for the Agricultural Science and Technology School (ASTS)” to Cong. Edno Joson for possible funding from any fund agency;
  • 3. Letter informing the University President regarding the visit of Students/Advisers from FEATI University in order to know more about our University Educational Program and Projects.
  • As Chairman of the Search Committee in looking for a prominent private citizen in Nueva Ecija, went to Engr. Ed Alfonso to interview him. He is one of the candidates for the said vacant position in the CLSU BOR. Prof. Randy Mayo and Mr. Philip Catiwa were with me as members of the Search Committee officially formed by the University President, Dr. Ruben C. Sevilleja. Expenses: Fuel – P500.00; Lunch in San Jose City P267.00.
  • Discussed with Director T.M. Aganon about the Association’s Budget for the Association. – For Alumni Guestel, Alumni Rice Farm Project; Maintenance of the Office personnel and other Association Expenses.

    May 26 (Tuesday)
  • Trip to the CLSU Alumni Center
  • Conducted interview of candidates to the CLSU-BOR (Prominent Private Citizen) as follows:
    1. Mr. Shubert L. Ciencia
    2. Dr. Marcelo M. Roguel
  • Awarded to Mr. Renato Escobar his Plaque of Recognition (Achievement Award). Mr. Escobar is presently CARPO of DAR in the Province of Nueva Ecija. Mr. Felipe Simon-PARO of DAR Nueva Ecija and Mr. Celso Paderes also a DAR-CARPO. Mr. Escobar donated P2,000 for the Alumni Guestel – we gave him one (1) copy of the Centennial Coffee Table Book.

    May 28 (Thursday)
  • Finalized all enclosures in the folders of the BOD and other Alumni Officials for the scheduled regular monthly meeting in May 30-31, 2009
  • Conducted ocular inspection of the on-going work at the ground floor of the Alumni Guestel. I was accompanied by the construction Foreman “Balong”
  • Signed letters for Cong. Edno Joson and President Ruben C. Sevilleja re the following: Letter of thanks to Cong. Joson; Distribution of the proposed P5.0M donation of Cong. Joson; Letter informing the University President a proposed CLSUAAI Project in Organic Fertilizer Production to be funded by Cong. Edno Joson.
  • Evaluation of the Curriculum Vitae of the Candidates to the CLSU-Board of Regents as a Private Sector Representative as follows
    o Engr. Edgardo A. Alfonso
    o Mr. Shubert Ciencia
    o Dr. Marcelo M. Roguel
    Search Committee Members
     Dr. Romeo S. Cabanilla, - as Chairman
     Prof. Randolf Warren Gregorio T. Mayo II – Member
     Mr. Philip John Catiwa – Member
  • Meeting with the University President, Dr. Ruben C. Sevilleja re the following:
  • Letter to Cong. Edno Joson re the proposed P5.0M donation to the Alumni Guestel; he affixed his signature.
  • Letter informing him about the visit of students/advisers of FEATI University to make CLSU as its cooperating SUC in Central Luzon
  • Project Proposal for Organic Fertilizer Production Project – CLSUAAI as proponent. He deferred signing the letter to Cong. Edno Joson because he needs more clarification on how the fund will be disbursed by the University and also what benefit CLSU can get from the proposed project.
  • Started placing the 24” dia. culvert in the drainage canal of the Alumni Center at the back of the Alumni Guestel and Food Court.

    May 29 (Friday)
  • Meeting with Mr. Choy Verzola re the proposed P5.0M donation of Cong. Edno Joson. The group was composed of Dir. R.L. Saplaco and Arch. E. C. Tuliao. Prepared by:

    President and Board Chairman
    May 29, 2009

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