Central Luzon State University: A Must-See Agri-Tourism Site
(by CLSU Public Affairs Office  1/26/2017)

So you want to visit the Central Luzon State University for the first time or once again after quite a long time? The university is most happy to serve you.

The Central Luzon State University, a designated agri-tourism site for Luzon, has been an object of visit of people from various walks of life. It has drawn into its midst visitors ranging from pupils to college students; farmers to entrepreneurs; private to government officials and dignitaries; and university friends and alumni.

Visitors who have experienced staying on the University’s 654-hectare clean, green and serene campus and in its facilities and amenities; and have learned about CLSU’s technologies, research breakthroughs, programs and activities have expressed appreciation for the agri-tourism services they have been provided.

For those who are intending to conduct educational tours at the University, the Public Affairs Office (PAO) which is under the Office of the President is always at hand to provide the needed agri-tourism services in coordination with and support of the heads and staff of projects, programs and offices which the requesting parties are interested to visit.

Concerned PAO staff provide visitors a welcome briefing/orientation which includes the showing of the CLSU Story/Agri-tourism showcases in video. Moreover, they serve as tour guides to ensure the smooth flow of the visitors’ going around the university.

Among the agri-tourism showcases frequented by visitors are the following: Small Ruminant Center which holds the distinction of being the lone Center of Research Excellence in Small Ruminants particularly, goat; Ramon Magsaysay Center for Agricultural Resources and Environmental Studies (RM-CARES) Organic Fertilizer Production Project; Freshwater Aquaculture Center; Center for Tropical Mushroom Research and Development; Hydroponics and Aquaponics Project;

and the Philippine Carabao Center at CLSU (PCC at CLSU) Dairy Farm and Products Outlet.

The Institute for Climate Change and Environmental Management (ICCEM) Museums; Agricultural Museum, and Living Fish Museum also provide learning experiences to visitors, especially to teachers and students.

Moreover, the CLSU Science and Technology Centrum, a one-stop-center showcasing the technologies and research breakthroughs CLSU has scored through the years via interactive computers, posters, models and live specimens, is a must-see center on campus.

Likewise, other visitors’ needs such as food services and lodging accommodations on campus are properly referred by the PAO to concerned offices.

On campus are the RET Cafeteria, Alumni Hostel and Food Court, CLSU Canteens and other food outlets as well as guest houses/hostels that provide local and foreign tourists quality services.

Also on campus are other amenities like University Hospital, Land Bank of the Philippines branch with ATM services; and round-the clock security services.

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