CLSU then and now...
(by JPBurnot  1/26/2017)

CLSU is celebrating its 109th anniversary on April 12, 2017. Since it started as a farm school in 1907 known as Central Luzon Agricultural School (CLAS), until it became a college known as Central Luzon Agricultural College in 1950; and CLSU in 1964; CLSU is recognized by the Commission on Higher Education as Center of Excellence (COE) in six programs, to wit:
Agriculture, Fisheries, Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural Engineering, Biology and Teacher-Education; and a Center of Development (COD) in Chemistry it has continued to score accelerated growth and development. It has become one of the renowned comprehensive higher education institutions (HEI) in the country today.
The CHED has also designated CLSU as National University College of Agriculture (NUCA) and National University College of Fisheries (NUCF), among other recognitions.
President Abella, together with the entire university administration, leaves no stone unturned to make the university attain its mission of “developing globally competitive, work-ready, socially-responsible and empowered human resources who value life-long learning; and to generate, disseminate, and apply knowledge and technologies for poverty alleviation, environmental protection, and sustainable development”; and its vision of “becoming a world-class National Research University for science and technology in agriculture and allied fields.” Last year, the university underwent International Standard Organization (ISO), evaluation and is awaiting its certification (ISO-9001:2008) which is expected to spur its continuous provision of quality services toward the ultimate satisfaction of all its clientele and stakeholders.

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