HS Class '57 donated benches
(by Prof. Mila S. Ringor  4/21/2009)

Five alumni of High School Class ’57 donated steel benches to the University. The benches are placed along the road near the Lagoon. The alumni who donated the benches were: Eduardo Siapno – 3, Rodolfo C. Undan – 1, Marcedenia Torres-Castellano – 1, Rosendo De Guzman – 1 and Digna Malong-Cielo – 1.
Meanwhile, Dr. Rodolfo C. Undan, former President of CLSU and wife Berna, hosted a dinner to his classmates last February 13, 2009 at their residence at Science City of Muñoz.
The next day, the group met at the RET Cafeteria at CLSU for a caucus. The whole day’s affair was hosted by Digna, Deny (in absentia) and Naty.
The group discussed ways of helping the alumni association, particularly the Alumni Guestel. Dr. Undan donated Php10,000 for the project.

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