(by Dr. Romeo S. Cabanilla  3/22/2009)

President¡¦s Time
July 19 - A Special Meeting of the BOD and other alumni Officials was held. It was this eventful day that the proposed amendments/revisions of the Constitution and By-Laws was approved by the Board of Directors.
Since practically all the members of BOD were present (except Director R.T. Padilla who was out of the country ¡V Trip to USA), the BOD unanimously approved that this Special Meeting be converted to a Regular Monthly Meeting.
Board of Directors Present
1. Dir. Mario B. Agustin
2. Dir. Romeo L. Saplaco
3. Dir. Onofre F. Ringor
4. Dir. Firma C. Viray
5. Dir. Teotimo M. Aganon
6. Dir. Quirino D. dela Cruz
7. Dir. Genaro M. Tolentino
8. Dir. Emmanuel V. Sicat
9. Dir. Catalino R. Dela Cruz
Other Alumni Officers and Secretariat:
1. Dr. Eliseo L. Ruiz President, CLSU Alumni Foundation, Inc.
2. Dr. Carlos C. Abon, Jr. - Director, Alumni Relations Office
3. Mr. Arturo O. Manipon - Secretary-General
4. Prof. Mila S. Ringor - Deputy Sec-Gen for Internal Affairs
5. Mr. Ernesto T, Jimenez - Deputy Sec-Gen for External Affairs
6. Mrs. Anabelle B. Corpuz Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper
7. Mrs. Mary Grace L. Romero - Encoder
8. Mr. Teejay J. Carandang Student Assistant
Guests; (both from Canada)
1. Dr. Lun G. Mateo July 21 - Sent letter to President Rosete informing him that the scheduled meeting in RMTU was differed by the BOD from July 25-26 to Aug. 23-24. Letter was hand carried by Dir. Teotimo M. Aganon.
Personally delivered our Fund Solicitation letter to Mayor Neri Santos of the Municipality of Talavera. Incidentally, his Secretary is an Alumna of CLSU when I entrusted the letter. Her celfone No. 0915-335-7530.
July 23 - Personally delivered Letter of Fund Solicitation to Engr. Edgardo A. Alfonso ¡V Owner/Proprietor of the Agrinet Enterprise, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija. Our Vice President for Internal Affairs, Dir. Mario B. Agustin was with me. There was a positives response from Engr. Alfonso.
July 30 - Bought the following equipments for the Alumni Center (Gardening Tools)
1. Mattok Pick (1pc) - P150.00
2. Crocodile Garden Hoe - 400.00
3. Wooden Handle of Pick Mattok 80.00
August 1 - Meeting with the Sec-Gen, Mr. Arturo O. Manipon- talk about the preparations for the Mid-year General Assembly Meeting; Scout Prospective Awardees; prizes for raffle; cleanliness/landscaping of the Alumni premises.
Also, I met Arch Ed Tuliao re the design of the Proposed Alumni Guestel including the preparation of the Bill of Materials.
Received information from Anabelle that the Secretary of Dr. James Dy called at the Alumni Center ¡V but he wanted to talk to President Sevilleja. Dr. Dy¡¦s Secretary informed President Sevilleja that Dr. Dy is donating about P100, 000.00 to the Alumni Guestel.
August 5 - 1:45 p.m. ¡V Trip to CLSU Alumni Center. Prepared agenda for the forthcoming BOD meeting on August 7, 2008; also enclosure in the folders of the BOD.
August 7 - Trip to the CLSU Alumni Center. I brought with me two (2) laborers from Talavera to work in the grounds of the Alumni Center ¡V to do landscaping work.
4:30 p.m. ¡V Special Meeting of the BOD and other Alumni Officials ¡V the following were discussed:
1. Proposed Mid-year General Assembly Meeting of CLSU Alumni ¡V to ratify the proposed amendments/revision Constitution and By-Laws of the CLSUAA, Inc.
2. Groundbreaking of the proposed Alumni Guestel ¡Vsignalling its construction.
3. Strategies to be done regarding Fund Solicitation for the Alumni Guestel.
Board of Directors Present
1. Dir. Romeo S. Cabanilla
2. Dir. Mario B. Agustin
3. Dir. Romeo L. Saplaco
4. Dir. Onofre F. Ringor
5. Dir. Firma C. Viray
6. Dir. Romeo T. Padilla
Other Alumni Officers and Secretariat:
2. Dr. Carlos C. Abon, Jr. - Director, Alumni Relations Office
4. Prof. Mila S. Ringor - Deputy Sec-Gen for Internal Affairs 7. Mrs. Mary Grace L. Romero - Encoder
Guests; (CLSU Alumni)
1. Mr. Felipe Garcia
2. Mrs. Narcisa H. Garcia
3. Mrs. Nerissa Hipolito
August 8 - Trip to CLSU with two (2) laborers from Talavera ¡V continued our landscaping work at the Alumni Center.
Had a chance to confer with Dr. Rosete who, incidentally was at CLSU. He attended a meeting of the Philippine Science Consortium held at PHILSCAT ¡V CLSU. Gave him our letter informing him that our scheduled meeting at RMTU will definitely be on August 23-24, 2008. He gladly approved our meeting at RMTU and to serve as host during our stay in his University.
I also requested him to deliver our of Fund Solicitation letter to Senator Ramon Magsaysay, Jr.
August 9 - Trip to the CLSU Alumni Center ¡V to continue our landscaping work. Hired two (2) laborers to work. There were five (5) Alumni scholars who helped us in landscaping the premises of the Center.
August 11 - Trip to the Alumni Center ¡V checked the newly planted ornamentals in the grounds of the Center.
Signed the appointments of the Student Assistant of the Association, Mr. Edgar M. Legaspi. His preparatory appointment for one month is dated August 11, 2008 to September 10, 2008. If he performs well, another long term appointment will be issued.
August 14-15 - Meeting with Dr. E.L. Ruiz, Dr. R.L. Saplaco and Dr. O.F. Ringor. We talk about the problems in the leased premises of the Alumni Center. The following came-up during these meetings (Proposals only to be presented during the Special Meeting on August 18, 2008)
1. Consideration for Dr. E.O. Ricio to continue operating the leased premises but to be issued a stern warning that repetition of the same and/or similar violations will mean an automatic termination of the contract ¡V Dr. R.S. Cabanilla¡¦s proposal;
2. Win-win solution ¡V to increase his rentals from P10, 320.00 to P13, 000.00/ month but to issue a stern warning that the contract be terminated once he commits violations in accordance with the existing tripartite contract. ¡V Dr. E.L. Ruiz;
3. To terminate the contract at the Julius Viray Hall and that only the Food Court will be operated by Dr. Ricio under a new contract ¡V Dr. O. F. Ringor;
4. The worst scenario ¡V To terminate the existing contract ¡V Dr. Ringor, Dr. Ruiz and Dr. Cabanilla.
„X Requested to Dr. R.L. Saplaco to preside the Special Meeting on August 18, 2008 because I will be on personal business in Metro Manila. Dr. Saplaco agreed.
August 19 - Trip to the CLSU Alumni Center. I was informed what happened during the August 18 Special Meeting at the NE Bodega, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija. There was a minor problem that happened, so I called the following BOD for a meeting: Dir. Catalino R. dela Cruz, Dir. R.L. Saplaco, Dir. O.F. Ringor, Dir. E.V. Sicat and Dir. Q.D. dela Cruz.
„X After a brief meeting, I phoned Dr. Ruiz and requested him for an appointment with the group. He gave a positive response so the group proceeded to his office at the ELR Trading at Bagong Sikat. The problem was resolved with a happy ending.
August 20 - (Storm KAREN ¡V Signal No. 2 in Pangasinan and Signal No. 1 in Nueva Ecija) I decided to personally contact President Padilla, so I had a trip to PUNP, Urdaneta City, Pangasinan. Under a delicious lunch, we talk about the case of the leased contract of the Alumni premises like the Julius Viray Hall and the Open Area where the Food Court is located. We had a cordial and fruitful talk, all for the good of the Association. Anabelle and Grace joined the trip.
„X President Padilla promised to donate about 20,000 pieces of CHB with 5¡¨ thickness for the Alumni Guestel. Also, Dr. Padilla promised to donate the following items for the Mid-year General Assembly Meeting: a) 18¡¨ colored T.V. b). T-Shirts, etc. With that, I sincerely thank Dr. Padilla because this donation is already a big-big contribution to the Alumni Guestel and also a big attraction during the Mid-year General Assembly Meeting.
August 21 - The Senior Vice President of Land bank of the Philippines, Mr. Cresencio R. Selispara, made a brief visit to the Alumni Center.
The visit was converted to a meeting with the OIC of the University, VP Educardo G. Marzan, Jr. together with Dr. Apolinario Domingo, Engr. Genaro M. Tolentino and Dr. Eugene G. Baltazar. With VP Selispara were Senior Officials of the LBP.
I took advantage of his visit by giving him our Fund Solicitation Letter for our Alumni Guestel. There were also photo-ops during their short sojourn in the Alumni Center.

Prepared by:

President and Board Chairman
August 19, 2008

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