CLSU-ANEC Micro Hydro Power Projects
(by  8/14/2009)

From April to June 1996, I have made a consultancy trip to CLSU-ANEC and BSU-ANEC. Objective of this mission was strengthening the Philippine Affiliated Non-Conventional Energy Centers in the Firefly Micro Hydro System and it was funded by DGIS/DST/ML (Dutch ODA dept.). Since then, I have had little contact with these organisations and what I know about their work, might be outdated.

ANEC`s are organisations reporting to DOE-NCED (Dept. Of Energy - Non Conventional Energy Division) and affiliated to universities in provincial towns. In 1995 there were 19 ANEC`s in the Philippines. Their budget comes from DOE-NCED, but like with many other government budgets, the money often comes in months too late. The universities contribute office space and workshop facilities on their campus, and senior staff members who remain employed by the university and work only part time for the ANEC.

During the mission, I worked mostly at the office of CLSU-ANEC in Munoz. I gathered information on the firefly chargers that were built and installed. I wrote reports on technical aspects and on the way CLSU-ANEC and BSU-ANEC were trying to introduce the firefly. I participated in a training for farmers on building firefly chargers at BSU-ANEC.

Farmers build their own chargers

This workshop was an inspiring event: Under guidance of junior ANEC staff, some 15 people built 3 chargers and tested them. Most of the participants were farmers with little technical background, but enthousiastic about installing a charger in their own village, provided that they could learn how to install and maintain it. Clearly ANEC staff were experienced in giving such trainings: Junior staff were enthousiastic and self-confident, all necessary materials and equipment were there, housing and food for participants were arranged. The final test showed splashing proof that those 3 groups did produce a working charger. And finally, there was a party to end the course.


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