122 Delegates join the 2012 Grand Reunion
(by clsuiag  11/5/2012)

According to the Registration Committee Chair Ohma Viray, 122 delegates from the USA, Canada and the Philippines participated during the CLSUIAG Grand Reunion held in Las Vegas from September 21-23, 2012. This is the 3rd Grand Reunion held in Las Vegas which is biennially sponsored by the association. The previous grand reunion of the association was held in September 2010.

Majority of the delegates came from Southern California which encompasses the Los Angeles area and San Diego area and its vicinity. The participants from Southern California were formally introduced by the VP for the San Diego Area, Ms. Annie Arcinue-Silva. A total of 47 delegates came from southern California. Some delegates from the San Diego area with Dr. Z. Serna and Ms. J. Alamon both from CLSU.

The second largest group came from Northern-Central California which covers the Bay area and Silicon Valley (San Jose, Sunnyvale, etc.) and Central California (Fresno area). The Northern and Central California delegates were introduced by Prof. Johnny Campos, CLSUAIG VP and the newly elected President. A total of 33 delegates came from this region.

The third group represented was the local delegates from Nevada and Las Vegas area. They were introduced by Engr. DG “Lakay” Elegado assisted by Engr. Pablo Baldazo. There are 10 delegates introduced during the Dinner/Dance/ Recognition Program. However, three (3) additional local delegates participated in the Sunday Brunch and Fellowship Program.

Engr. Gerry Galinato, VP for Pacific Northwest and Inter-Mountain West, introduced the delegates from his region and other regions in the USA including the Midwest. Twelve (12) delegates came from these regions. He also introduced the lone delegate (Enriqueta Abenes-Bellosillo, M.D.) from Southeastern USA (Florida). There were no delegates from the Eastern, Northeastern USA, Hawaii and US Territories.

Mr. Manny Buado, VP for Eastern Canada (as shown above), introduced the delegates from his region. Six (6) delegates came from two provinces of Canada including British Columbia and Ontario: Manny & Letty Buado, Senen & Florentina Alcos, and Vic & Marietta Abenes Solano.

There were 11 guests who came from the Philippines and were introduced by Dr. Zenaida Serna, CLSU ARO Director. Eight delegates came from CLSU and three from other institutions. The following are the guests who came from the Philippines: Dr. Eliseo Ruiz, President, CLSU Alumni Foundation and former CLSU President Dr. Firma Viray, President-elect, CLSU Faculty Association.

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