To our Dear Alumni and Friends of CLSU

Dear Sir/Madam:


The Central Luzon State University and the CLSU Alumni Association, Inc. with their long tradition of partnership are pleased to announce that along with the week-long Centennial Celebration of CLSU on April 7-12, 2007, the Grand Alumni Homecoming Program and General Assembly Meeting will be held on April 12, 2007 at the University Graduation Site. The theme of our program will be ''CLSUAAI: A Dynamic Partner in Sustaining CLSU's Excellence and Growth Potential in Agricultural Education and Countryside Development.''

In this regard, may we invite you and your family members who are graduates of CLAS, CLAC or CLSU to attend this momentous event. The occasion is an opportune time to cherish our colorful and fruitful memories, bask in our achievements as an organization, and reflect on the challenges that lie ahead. As we remember the good old days and rekindle our ties with our friends and former mentors, may we keep in our hearts the spirit of altruism that has marked our relationship with our alma mater and with our country.

We have attached the activities for this week-long Centennial Celebration for your reference and guidance. Kindly let us know how we can help make your participation fruitful and meaningful. We likewise urge you to disseminate this information to other fellow alumni.

We look forward to your presence and active participation to our Centennial Celebration and Grand Alumni Homecoming Program and General Assembly Meeting. Remember, we are fortunate to be among the witnesses of the 100th year anniversary of our alma mater. None of us today will surely witness the next CLSU centenary.

Please do come and be counted in our alma mater's grandest celebration ever!

Very truly yours,

President and Board Chairman,
CLSU Alumni Association, Inc.

Central Luzon State University

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