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The Central Luzon State University has been one of the premier institutions since it was established in 1907. it has produced numerous alumni around the country and in different countries in the world contributing to the reservoir of experts that demonstrate excellence in community service, good governance, and practice of profession coupled with the virtues of industry, diligence, honesty and competence.

Our alumni who have excelled in various fields, who have created impact in their chosen fields or in their place of work and who have contributed to the development and promotion of CLSU and their country will be awarded by the CLSUAAI. The award will be given annually to deserving alumni subject to the satisfaction of the requirements set forth this search.

Types of Award


This type of award is bestowed to any alumnus/alumna who has excelled and created a significant impact in his/her chose field and workplace and who has distinguished himself/herself in demonstrating the virtues and wisdom of model CLSU alumni. Likewise, this award can also be given to model or outstanding alumni chapter.

1. Community Service Award is bestowed to any alumnus/alumna who has rendered invaluable services to local communities or to the poor and disadvantaged groups of the society. The nominee may either be employed in government or in non-government organization or may also be an entrepreneur. He/she must have helped transform a local community into a self-reliant or highly esteemed group. The criteria that will be applied include:

1. Program/projects implemented 2. Extent of outcome/impact 3. Resourcefulness (resource generation and mobilization) 4. Sustainability of the effort 5. Exemplary attitude and integrity

2. Science and Technology Award is awarded to any alumnus/alumna who has made significant contribution to the advancement of science and technology in the country. The criteria that will be applied for this award include:

1. Knowledge, information and technology generated which also include discoveries, innovations, patents and other outputs of scientific endeavor. 2. Utilization and impact of outputs, which has gained national recognition and 3. Exemplary attitude and integrity

3. Professional Achievement Award is given to any alumnus/alumna who has shown exemplary work and attitude as model public servant, educator or a private practitioner who have attained recognition in his/her profession at the national or preferably international level. The criteria that will be applied include:

1. Awards received, including involvement in various professional and civic organizations as an officer, resource person or in various capacities 2. Significant contribution (positive change) to his/her organization, the community and the country 3. Exemplary attitude and integrity

4. Outstanding Alumni Chapter Award. This is open to all accredited CLSUAAI chapters here and abroad. The basic criterion is service to fellowmen and the Alma Mater. The award is in recognition of the meritorious and exceptional program/project/activity that the chapter has implemented for the benefit of the University, the community and the country. Separate awards will be given to local and foreign-based chapters.


This type of award is given to any alumnus/alumna who has attained recognition of his/her technical, management and leadership capability and has achieved distinguished position in his/her workplace.


This award is given to any alumnus/alumna who has demonstrated excellence in fields other than the above-mentioned awards. These shall include but not limited to:

Local governance (Barangay Captain and up) - has been recognized for his/her accomplishment in the locality or area of influence.

Sports - has distinguished himself/herself in national sports competition or figured in international sports competition.

Board topnochers - has been recognized by the Professional Regulation Commission as among the top three successful examinees in their respective board examinations.

Publication - has been recognized/noted for his/her writing and editing skills and various publications or outputs

Arts and culture - has been recognized/noted for his/her artistic skills, capability, awards received and outputs.

Loyalty to CLSU - Both parents and all children are CLSU alumni; each member of the family graduated at least a bachelor's degree at CLSU.


This award is given to any alumnus/alumna who has rendered outstanding or meritorious service to the CLSUAAI or to any of its duly accredited chapters in the implementation or conduct of various programs and activities within a reasonable period.

General Requirements


1. Alumni of CLAC, CLAS or CLSU, wether Filipino or of other nationalities, who are members of the CLSU Alumni Association, Inc. and has made significant contribution in their profession for the benefit of the Alma Mater and countrymen.


1. Any member or local chapter of the CLSU alumni Association, Inc.

Nomination Documents

1. A standard nomination form - secured from the CLSU Alumni Center, Science City of Muņoz, Nueva Ecija or nearby local chapter 2. Curriculum vitae of the nominee 3. One page summary of the nominee's career, achievements or contributions (see attached form) 4. Proof of outstanding achievements or contribution to the Alma Mater and development of his/her organization or countrymen 5. One page justification why the nominee deserves the award.

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