CBAA scores 52% passing in accountancy board examination
(by M.S. Recto (from The CLSU Newsletter)  9/10/2009)

The College of Business Administration and Accountancy produced 13 new certified public accountants recently. They were among 25 examinees from the college who took the board examination last May 10, 11, 17 and 19. They registered 52% passing rate as against the national passing mark of 28.88%.

The new accountants are Alexander de Vera Barrientos, Patrick L. Cabalo, Angelito S. Corpuz, Jan Vincent J. de Jesus, Jan Rhommer D. Empay, Gilbert A. Galope, Gereco D. Lopez, Joana Marie R. Oligario, Dave Ritz J. Peria, Jackie M. Reyes, Russelly May C. Soria, Rommel Q. Tomas and Catherine V. Villanueva.

Mr. Peria, in the name of service and loyalty to his Alma Mater, has decided to join the ranks of he Department of Accountancy instructors.

Two other CBAA graduates who are now faculty members are Mr. Rodrigo Eleseo Gatchalian, Jr. and Mr. Ronald Leabres.

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