CAFI conducts field inspection tour

A field inspection tour was conducted in Organic Castor Bean Production Project areas last February 17, 2012. Participants were members of the Technical Management Groups (8), CLSUAAI/CAFI, staff (8) and, agricultural technicians (2).

Three other members of the TMGs including Dr. Ruiz were not able to attend because they were either on official business or out of the country. Dr. Eliseo L. Ruiz, is the chief executive officer of the project

The field inspection tour aims to familiarize the participants with the marginal areas identified as plantation sites by the project; see the status of the project; give the TMGs the opportunity to discuss with the project coordinators/farm owners the problems encountered and, give appropriate solutions; and appreciate as well as realize the performance roles of persons involved in the project.

Areas visited were Bongabon farm at Brgy. Ariendo; Menor’s farm at Sagana, Laur; Victoria’s/Abad’s farm at Aulo, Palayan City and CAFI farm at Caballero, Palayan City.

Almost one half of the participants are retirees, but, surprisingly were able to walk for long hours from one farm to another trekking their way on rough roads, jumping over canals and going up hill. However, two opted to stay behind when the group went to a much higher area.

The members of the Technical Management Group who joined the field tour were Engr. Teofilo T. Vergara, head of the tour and is the acting chief operation officer of the project, Dr. Romeo S. Cabanilla, Dr. Onofre F. Ringor, Dr. Romeo L. Saplaco, Dr. Mario B. Agustin, Dr. Teotimo M. Aganon, Dr. Quirino D. Dela Cruz and Dr. Catalino R. Dela Cruz. Other participants were Prof. Mila S. Ringor (CAFI Secretary), Ms. Salome SJ Quiboloy, Ms. Rollyn Joy C. Sebastian, Ms. Niña Ezyla M. Patriana, Ms. Anabelle B. Corpuz, Ms. Mary Grace L. Romero and Ms. Gina S. Ventura.

Messrs. Joffrey Rommel S. Ringor and Bayani C. Corpuz, Jr., the agricultural technicians rode in their motorcycles and served as field tour guides.

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