Dr. Ruiz Tops CLSUAIG EF Donors List
(by CLSUAIG  10/30/2012)

D uring his inspirational speech as the Guest Speaker at the CLSUIAG Grand Reunion’s Dinner-Dance and Recognition Program, Dr. Eliseo Ruiz, current president of the CLSU Alumni Foundation, Inc. and former CLSU President, fulfilled his pledge to donate significant amount to the CLSUIAG Endowment Fund (EF). He announced during his speech that he is making a down payment of his pledge and handed a $10,000 cashier’s check to the CLSUIAG Treasurer Ohma Viray.
His donation, to date, is the biggest amount that a CLSU alumnus donated to the EF. Dr. Ruiz indicated that his initial donation of $10,000 is just the start of fulfilling his pledge to donate a total of $100,000 to the Endowment Fund. He felt optimistic that he could complete his pledge within the next couple of years.

He also shared his vision and optimism with the members, officers and supporters of CLSUIAG that the association’s target to raise $1 million dollars for the Endowment Fund is an attainable goal. He even challenged the members of the association that whatever the members would donate from now on (after he made the donation), he would match those donations in the future. He related the story of the great philanthropist and founder of Microsoft Bill Gates, that he would normally challenge matching the donations given by other donors for specific project or cause by doubling the donations of those donors.
Some participants in the program immediately dubbed Dr. Ruiz as the “Bill Gates of CLSU”.
As a result of his benevolent action and the great challenge put before the participants, many members responded by making pledges, contributing for the first time and adding more donations by previous donors to the Endowment Fund. Dr. Ed Cabacungan, EF Committee Chairman and Ohma Viray were busy collecting cash and checks donated by members, officers and supporters.
Dr. Cabacungan sighs “This is indeed a great fund raising event. Our co-alumni, former faculty and staff, friends and supporters were truly inspired by Dr. Ruiz and got them energized. I would not mind staying awake all night collecting EF donations from these nice folks.”
Dr. Ruiz also adds “Manong Ed, I am quite optimistic we will reach your goal of raising $1 million in due time.”
Dr. Ruiz also made a suggestion that the Group’s name should be changed to an “Association” rather than a “Group.” He believes that the name Group is fine but if the Group is already dealing with funds in the $1 million range, it would be more appropriate to have a more formal name as an association rather than a group. Several officers agree with Dr. Ruiz and may propose an amendment to its by-laws in the near future to make such revision.

Engr. Cornelio Binoya, Jr., the newly elected member of the Board of Directors, briefly introduced Dr. Ruiz during the Dinner-Dance Program. A summary of Dr. Ruiz’ curriculum vitae was initially published as part of the Souvenir Program. It is republished in this issue for the benefit of those who were not able to attend the Dinner-Dance Program.

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