2019 CLSU Alumni Homecoming Invitation

CLSU will be holding its 2019 Alumni Homecoming and General Assembly meeting on February 8-9, 2019.
Then and now, we look at every alumni homecoming as a truly opportune time to meet friends and batch mates who not only love to recollect good memories while at the university as students but also are very committed to take an active role in contributing to the welfare of the university.
The two-day affair which has a theme, “Forging Academe and Industry Community” will be highlighted by the Homecoming Program, General Assembly Meeting, and giving of awards to be held at the University Multipurpose Gym on February 9. The Gintong Butil awardee will be with us as our guest of honor and speaker.
In view of this and on behalf of the CLSU officials and the CLSUAAI Board of Directors, we cordially invite you to attend the various activities and we anticipate your active participation for the glory and honor of our beloved Alma Mater.

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