Galinato’s CLSUIAA Presidency Extended

During the General Assembly Meeting of the CLSU International Alumni Association (CLSUIAA) held in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 24, 2016, the regular members ratified a proposed amendment of its by-laws specifying that the term of office of the elected members of the Board of Directors would be changed from two to three years. The Board of Directors elects the President and the Chairman of the Board. The newly approved amendment would take effect immediately.

As a result of this amendment to the CLSUIAA By-laws, the terms of all the current officers of the association are extended for another year, including the President’s position. And it is necessary to elect one additional member of the Board of Directors to serve for three years. Dr. Juanito del Rosario, PhD was elected as the newest member of the Board.

Before the proposed amendment was presented to the General Assembly for ratification, President Galinato indicated that he would not be interested to run for another term as President. However, he announced shortly after the amendment was approved, that he would be willing to complete his third and last year as president of the association to comply with the new rules.

President Galinato said that he fully supports the amendment to the CLSUIAA By-laws. “Extending the term of the officers to three years instead of two would be beneficial to the organization in maintaining stability,” he added. There was also an overwhelming support from the members in voting for the proposed amendment.

Engr. Galinato was elected President and Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2014. Prior to his election as President, he served as Vice president in 2012 to 2014. He also served as a member of the Board of Directors since the Association was officially organized in 2008. He is currently the Chairman of the Scholarship, Educational and Awards Committee. He previously served as Chairman of the Reunion Committee for three terms and spearheaded the successful planning and implementation of the 2010 Grand Reunion in Southpoint Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas, 2012 Grand Reunion in Gold Coast Hotel-Casino also in Las Vegas, and the 2014 Grand Reunion in Manila Hotel as co-chair with Dr. Fiorello Abenes.

Engr. Galinato added that with an additional year of his presidency, he would be able to continue growing and improving the association's scholarship program to support the needy and scholastically qualified undergraduate students at CLSU. Pres. Galinato proudly states “When we started the Scholarship Program few years ago, we supported two students. Now we are supporting 10 undergraduate student scholars with a support of $350 per year or approximately P17, 500 pesos annually.”

He also led the effort of promulgating various association policies in various areas affecting the activities of the association, as well as promoting a very close relationship with its sister organization, the CLSU Alumni Association, Inc. based in CLSU campus.

He is working diligently in completing the association's handbook entitled "CLSUIAA - Operating Manual and Guidelines." Galinato quipped, "I hope this document will be useful in guiding future officers and members of the association in making better and rational decisions for the benefit of the Association and its members."

(Contributed by the CLSUIAA Editorial Team)

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