The Continuing Humanitarian, Medical, Dental and Optical Mission at Central Luzon State University (CLSU)
(by Dr. Juanito Del Rosario, P.E.  1/26/2017)

Inquiries from local people and neighboring Barangays at Central Luzon State University who have previously received and experienced the services from the first Humanitarian, Medical, Dental and Optical (HMDO) Mission held at CLSU last February 2016 have inspired and motivated the officers and members of the CLSU International Alumni Association, Inc. (CLSUIAA) to continue on with the humanitarian project in 2017. As part of the CLSU Grand Alumni Homecoming on February 3 through 6, 2017, the Mission is scheduled on February 6, 2017 at the CLSU campus.

The consultant to this mission, Dr. Leo Sicat, the initiator and the President of the San Diego County Metropolitan Lions Club (SDCMLC); Engr. Gerry Galinato President of the CLSU International Alumni Association (CLSUIAA), and Dr. Juanito Del Rosario will again collaborate with CLSUIAA, CLSU-Alumni Relations Office (ARO) and with the supportive roles of the CLSU Alumni Association, Inc. (CLSUAAI) and the CLSU Alumni Foundation, Inc. (CAFI) to make this happen.

The integrity and goodwill of the SDCMLC Lions Club and CLSUIAA to transcend their goal to serve the community is implemented through this collaborative effort. For the second time, CLSU will again serve the community not only in the area of academia but also with humanitarian effort. The Mission will be conducted at CLSU campus to serve primarily the underprivileged residents of the neighboring Barangays at CLSU which may include, but not limited to Bagong Sikat, Bantug, Santo Tomas, Balante and Villa Quizon. Last year, some residents from San Jose City and Talavera, Nueva Ecija also took the opportunity to participate and received help and assistance from the Mission.

The goal and objective of this effort is to educate, to serve the needy and to help alleviate their current pain and sufferings. Regional volunteers and local medical doctors, dentists and nurses were employed, together with the other local volunteers, to help in the execution of the daily activities during the scheduled mission which consist of the following: a.)Medical Consultation – patient evaluation, screening of vital signs, doctor counseling and physical examinations and dispensing of free medications to beneficiaries.

b) Dental – volunteer dentists provide free dental examination, tooth extraction, counseling and educating the beneficiaries.

c) Diabetes Awareness – information, consultation and diabetes testing to beneficiaries are performed.

D.)Optical Screening – free eyeglass distribution to beneficiaries are provided.

Just like last year, we are anticipating that approximately 1,000 clients will be served. We truly and firmly believe that this HMDO Mission at CLSU will again provide the needed help and alleviate some of the current pain, health issues and suffering of the poor and underprivileged people of the community.

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