UAS Batch Observes ’67 Golden Anniversary
(by Estrelita Tolentino-Gamit  1/26/2017)

With 183 young boys and 53 young girls who composed the University Agricultural School (UAS) Batch ’67 graduated on April 22, 1967 in the newly constructed graduation site of the famous Central Luzon State University. The names of the UAS Batch ’67 graduates are engraved on the entrance of the graduation site, their donation was used in its initial construction.

On February 5, 2017, we will convene once again commemorating the 50th anniversary after our graduation from the secondary
graduation. The celebration has a theme “UAS Batch ’67 Golden Anniversary”. This will be highlighted with the reunion of the graduates to reminisce once again the happy moments of high school days and renew the camaraderie with the former classmates, dorm mates, farm-mates and barkada.

God’s speed to UAS Batch 1967 graduates.

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