Training on castor bean production held

The CLSU Alumni Foundation, Inc. (CAFI) conducted a five-day training on castor bean production at the Alumni Center Social Hall last October 24-27, 2011.

Participants of the training were farm coordinators/owners and agricultural technicians and CAFI staff.

The training aims to provide the participants with knowledge and skills in Castor bean production focusing on agronomic characteristics and anatomy of the plant, land preparation, contour farming planting, fertilization, irrigation and drainage, plant breeding (basics), pollination, crop production (pests and diseases) harvesting, threshing and drying of castor beans, economics and values education, among others.

Resource persons were Dr. Romeo S. Cabanilla, Dr. Onofre F. Ringor, Dr. Quirino D. Dela Cruz, Engr. Teofilo T. Vergara, Dr. Eliseo L. Ruiz and Dr. Romeo L. Saplaco.

Aside from lectures and power point presentations, participants had outdoor activities to see for themselves the actual castor bean plant varieties, particularly Brazilian and Chinese. Other aspects of the training will be held at the farm site on a separate schedule of dates.

Certificates of participation were given to the participants who have completed the training.

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