Tolentino bares Joint CLSUAAI-CAFI Planning Workshop output

Engr. Genaro M. Tolentino, Plans and Programs Director of the CLSUAAI presented the draft CLSUAAI Agenda for 2012-2020 during the Joint CLSUAAI-CAFI Planning Workshop and Board Meeting on February 25-26, 2012 at the Rice Processing Complex, Tebag East, Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan. The agenda was discussed and given more flesh during the workshop.

In its regular meeting on March 17, 2012, the CLSUAAI Board, after reviewing the output, unanimously adopted it as the CLSUAAI Medium Term Plan: 2012-2020. The Board hopeful that the plan when implemented would help the University reach its goal for greater height. In summary, the CLSUAAI Medium Term Plan: 2012-2020 is summarized as follows:

Continuing Proactive Engagement with the University.
- Active participation in BOR meetings and activities
- Active participation in alumni-related programs, projects and activities of the CLSU
- Close partnership with the University’s Alumni Relations Office

Linkage and Partnership Enhancement.
- Web enhancement and maintenance
- Alumni directory updating, enhancement and publication
- Program/project collaboration with the CAFI and other entities

Scholarship and Student Assistantship.
- Continuing fund campaign and solicitation for support from alumni and friends
- Continuing sponsorship for qualified scholars, both students and faculty
- Provision of referral assistance to students thru OJT, employment opportunities, etc.

Upkeeping of the Alumni Center.
- Office, facility and equipment maintenance and improvement
- Landscape, ground and security maintenance
- Establishment of CLSUAAI/CAFI Museum by tracing, organizing and displaying alumni historical facts, memorabilia, documents, etc.

Alumni Infrastructure Development.
- Improvement of the Alumni Food Court (with modern covering)
- Enhancement of the CLSU Lagoon (with colorful dancing fountains of water)
- Construction of CLSUAAI-CAFI Science Centrum which would accommodate the CLSU Bio-Energy Center and Oil Crops Research Center with modern facilities and mega tower
- Development of CLSU Theme Park, Zoo, Aviary and Botanical and Recreational Facilities
- Improvement of the Alumni perimeter fence.
- Improvement of CLSU road networks

Awards, Recognition and Health Assistance
- Annual Search for the and Recognition of Alumni Achievers (Gintong Butil Award, Alumni Achievement Award, Special Recognition Award and Service Award)
- Awarding of honoris causa (with the university) and Honorary Membership to qualified non-CLSU Alumni
- Financial assistance for Professorial Chair, grant aids for research, book writing and publication and incentive for pa per presentation.
- Cash Award for outstanding graduates
- Health assistance and other benefits to members who have served the Association as well as deserving alumni members

Income Generation for Sustainable Alumni Operation
- Rice Production Project
- Facility Rental Project
- Alumni Hostel Project

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