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UAS Batch Observes ’67 Golden Anniversary News 1/26/2017
A Distinguished Alumnus is Homecoming Guest of Honor and Speaker Features 1/26/2017
We did it again! CLSU-CVSM graduates once again dominated the Veterinarian Licensure Examination News 1/26/2017
CLSU graduates among topnotchers in the PRC Licensure Examination for Fisheries Technologists News 1/26/2017
CLSU graduate lands 10th place in Agric’l Eng’g Licensure Exam News 1/26/2017
College of Education produces a topnotcher in Licensure Examination for Teachers News 1/26/2017
CLSU AB Psychology graduate lands 8th place in Psychometrician Licensure Exam News 1/26/2017
CLSU Alumna is then new CORE GATEWAY COLLEGE Prexy News 1/26/2017
CLSU Alumni trained at Aqua Farming Tech Inc. in Thermal California, USA News 1/26/2017
Galinato’s CLSUIAA Presidency Extended News 1/26/2017
Highlights of the 5th CLSUIAA Grand Reunion News 1/26/2017
CLSUIAA Executive Committee Meets in Various Regions News 1/26/2017
CLSUIAA Conducts 2016 Grand Reunion Survey News 1/26/2017
A BPO on Healthcare Solutions Launched News 1/26/2017
The President’s Annual Report 2016-2017 Articles 1/26/2017
Central Luzon State University: A Must-See Agri-Tourism Site Articles 1/26/2017
CLSU then and now... Articles 1/26/2017
A Journey from the CLSU Rice Field to the Galaxy Articles 1/26/2017
HOMECOMING!!! Reconnecting The Memories of the Past: CLSU Graduate Returns Home. Articles 1/26/2017
The Continuing Humanitarian, Medical, Dental and Optical Mission at Central Luzon State University (CLSU) News 1/26/2017
A Former Frontier Articles 1/26/2017
5th Batch COCOFED Grantees to Host Emerald Reunion News 1/26/2017
IMPRESSIONS ON THE CLSU International Alumni Association (CLSUIAA) 5th Grand Reunion Articles 1/26/2017
My Professional and Religious Servitude Features 1/26/2017
Have a Glimpse with the Secretary General of the CLSUAAI News 1/26/2017
The CLSUAAI President with Fervent Love of Service to his Alma Mater Articles 1/26/2017
Dangal ng PhilMech Awardees are CLSU Graduates News 1/26/2017
CLSU 2015 “Gintong Butil”Awardee in Pursuit of Transferring Science and Technology to Global Agriculture and Environment News 1/26/2017
Noon , Ngayon at Bukas…..Mabuhay ka CLSU!!! Literary 1/26/2017
High School Batch ’63 Holds “Mini-Reunion” News 1/9/2017
The following Awards will be given to qualified CLSU Alumni on February 4, 2017 Announcement 8/22/2016
2016 Alumni Homecoming and General Assembly Meeting Announcement 10/23/2015
Nueva Ecija`s pioneering seed producer conferred CLSU’s "Gintong Butil" Award News 2/8/2015
CLSU Alumni Homecoming on February 6-8, 2015 Announcement 10/27/2014
Deadline of Submission of Potential Awardees 2015 Announcement 10/27/2014
CED alumnus receives Natatanging Anak ng Talavera award News 6/20/2014
ENERGY GLOBE AWARD for Maestro, ALEXIS T. BELONIO Articles 5/21/2014
CLSU Open University Offers Graduate Programs Overseas News 12/10/2013
San Diego CLSU Alumni Meet News 12/8/2013
Dr. Ofero Caparino: CLSU alumni Receive Advance Degrees News 12/7/2013
Gawad CocoShare sa CLSU Articles 5/26/2013
PLEDGE OF LOYALTY Articles 3/19/2013
CLSU HYMN Articles 3/19/2013
A Moment To Remember At CLSU Literary 11/23/2012
122 Delegates join the 2012 Grand Reunion News 11/5/2012
All Saints/Souls Day: How Can We Lovingly Honor Our Departed ? Articles 11/1/2012
CLSUIAG President`s Message News 10/30/2012
Dr. Ruiz Tops CLSUAIG EF Donors List News 10/30/2012
Prof. Juanito E. Campos Elected Chairman and President Features 10/5/2012
CLSU Alumni Join tours News 10/2/2012
CLSU graduates pass CE licensure exam News 9/4/2012
3rd CLSIAG Grand Reunion Announcement 9/4/2012
Alumni association prexy takes a bow News 5/29/2012
The Saulong Park Features 5/29/2012
Did you know that? Features 5/29/2012
CAFI conducts field inspection tour News 5/27/2012
CLSU Rizal Park Features 5/25/2012
Alumni Hostel Now a Reality Features 5/4/2012
Massive ‘tangan-tangan’ planting is on Articles 5/2/2012
CLSU Alumni Association confers award to Dr. Thep Phongparnich News 4/25/2012
CLSU’s “golden grains” are now PhilRice’s own News 4/19/2012
Coloma is alumni homecoming guest of honor and speaker News 4/18/2012
The President`s Annual Report Year 2011-2012 Reports 4/17/2012
Saulong and unknown student heroes remembered News 3/27/2012
CLSUAAI Holds 2012 annual alumni homecoming News 3/10/2012
Dr. Serna is TOMP awardee Features 3/6/2012
Tolentino bares Joint CLSUAAI-CAFI Planning Workshop output News 3/4/2012
CLSU family and friends pay last tribute to President Campos News 3/4/2012
24 alumni to be conferred with awards News 3/2/2012
Off campus BOD meeting held at Pangasinan News 3/2/2012
CLSU int’l alumni to hold reunion in USA News 2/9/2012
CLSUAAI acquires generator set News 2/3/2012
Senator Trillanes donates Php 1 million for alumni hostel News 2/2/2012
DR. ROMEO S. GUNDRAN - 2011 PVMA Outstanding Veterinarian in Education News 1/31/2012
Training on castor bean production held News 1/9/2012
CLSU shows excellence in Vet Board Exam 2011 News 1/5/2012
Seven stories, seven inspiring Filipinos News 6/12/2011
CLSU Alumni Association confers membership to Congressman Pacquiao Features 4/14/2011
CLSUAAI holds 2011 grand alumni homecoming News 4/14/2011
CLSU Alumni Association confers membership to Senator Trillanes Features 4/14/2011
Board holds off-campus meetings Features 4/14/2011
Governor Umali is keynote speaker Features 4/14/2011
CIAG Bestows Humanitarian Awards to 26 Alumni Features 1/2/2011
CLSU Alumni Association confers members to Congressman Pacquiao News 12/9/2010
CLSU Alumni Food Court & General Merchandise formally opens Events 12/3/2010
CLSU International Alumni Group 2nd Grand Reunion in Las Vegas News 11/15/2010
My Passion for Tennis Articles 11/15/2010
Organiculture inventor makes world market for his products News 11/15/2010
Multi-country Observational Study Mission on the Application of Advanced Technologies in Aquaculture Articles 11/15/2010
Female Dairy Farm Worker to be deployed in Japan Jobs 3/7/2010
Farm in Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija need BS Animal Husbandry Jobs 3/7/2010
Grand Alumni Homecoming on April 24, 2010 Announcement 1/21/2010
PRESIDENTS REPORT for the month of November 2009 Literary 12/21/2009
Presidents Report for the month of October 2009 Reports 11/4/2009
Presidents Report for the Month of September 2009 Reports 10/25/2009
Professor Alexis Belonio: Rice and Shine Features 10/23/2009
CBAA scores 52% passing in accountancy board examination News 9/10/2009
CVSM alumnus lands 9th place in 2009 Veterinary Examination News 9/10/2009
Alumni Relations Office (ARO) 2009 News 8/19/2009
CLSU Mushroom Production Articles 8/14/2009
CLSU-ANEC Micro Hydro Power Projects Articles 8/14/2009
CLSU recognized CHED`s Best HEI Research Program Features 8/13/2009
Kwentong CLSU - Magkabalitaan Tayo Articles 8/12/2009
CLSU ICT Team Inspects 14 iSchools Recipients in Region II News 8/12/2009
CLSU Lagoon Articles 8/12/2009
SAUDI ARAMCO is currently looking for experienced Engineers in all field Jobs 7/14/2009
Need of MALE R&D Engineer for one of our client in KSA Jobs 7/14/2009
Presidents Report for the month of June 2009 Reports 7/2/2009
Presidents Report for the month of May 2009 Articles 6/15/2009
Don`t judge a book by its cover Articles 6/14/2009
CLSU_kuli article Articles 6/13/2009
OFW: 12,000 sign against direct hire ban News 4/29/2009
TO OUR DEAR CLSU ALUMNI: Features 4/27/2009
CLSU Alumni scholars among graduates today, 2 with honors News 4/23/2009
THE PRESIDENTS ANNUAL REPORT (AY 2008-2009) News 4/23/2009
Dr. Romeo S. Cabanilla: profile of a dynamic alumni prexy Articles 4/22/2009
Did you know that Features 4/22/2009
PhilSCAT varieties now commercially available in local names Mestizo 12, Mestizo 13, and Mestizo 14 News 4/22/2009
Batch 83 celebrates 25th anniversary News 4/22/2009
HS Class 57 donated benches Articles 4/21/2009
Manipon attends training in Israel News 4/21/2009
CLSU FAC-CF bags CHED national Best HEI Research Program News 4/21/2009
TUCP and DOLE sign accord with ELR Family Trading, Co., Inc. News 4/21/2009
Batch 98 reunites after 10 years News 4/21/2009
Result of the 2009 Grand Alumni Homecoming Raffle Draw Announcement 4/21/2009
CLSU President: A re-statement of our commitment Features 4/20/2009
College of Agricultue produces 54 new licensed agriculturists; 1 lands 4th place News 4/20/2009
Singing judge honored by CLSU alumni group News 4/20/2009
6th Regular Monthly Meeting of the BOD at BengSU Articles 3/22/2009
DR. TEOTIMO M. AGANON News 3/22/2009
Alfonso (BSBio `88, cum laude) is 2008 OYS and TOYM awardee News 2/25/2009
Alfonso (BSBio 88, cum laude) is 2008 OYS and TOYM awardee News 2/23/2009
USHS Class 83 holds alumni homecoming News 1/14/2009
Sponsors Company Ads 12/12/2008
solicitation letter Announcement 9/19/2008
Veterinary Licensure Exam News 9/19/2008
College of Agriculture produces 54 new licensed agriculturists News 9/19/2008
College of Agriculture faculty tops Agriculturist Licensure Exam Articles 9/19/2008
solicitation letter to local alumni Announcement 9/19/2008
President Sevilleja 2008 Outstanding Professional in Fishery Features 8/6/2008
CLSUAAI recognized outstanding alumni News 8/6/2008
Cong. J. Violago addressed 689 year-end grads News 8/6/2008
Dr. Gundran is 2008 National Outstanding Veterinarian in the Academe Features 8/6/2008
Galinato Receives Engineering Awards Features 2/21/2008
CLSUAAI is Now Accepting the Nomination for: Announcement 1/29/2008
CLSU Grand Alumni Homecoming Announcement 1/29/2008
VPAP cites Atabay as outstanding Veterinarian News 1/23/2008
CLSU ranks 2nd 2007 Fisheries tech licensure exams; News 1/23/2008
CLSU posts 65% passing in CPA board examination News 1/23/2008
BA stude is lone honor graduate News 1/23/2008
CF dean, FAC Director receive AFMA award News 1/23/2008
CLSU alumnus to serve as affiliate professor News 1/23/2008
CLSU researchers present paper in National Conference News 1/23/2008
USHS alumnus honored for 2nd Palanca grand prize News 1/23/2008
BSChem grad lands on Top 10 News 1/23/2008
CAS to exhibit museum of `first` News 12/21/2007
At CLSU Collegian: Marianito Bitara, Prolific Writer of His Time News 10/9/2007
Post Doc Prof. Dr. Renato G. Reyes : An alumnus with superb expertise and character News 10/1/2007
MISCELLANEWS News 9/12/2007
CLSU alumnus, Ofero Capario, opens a new chapter in his life Features 9/12/2007
ExpoSining Features 8/29/2007
CLSUAAI re-elects Tolentino as president and BOD chairman News 5/30/2007
Sevilleja is new CLSU president News 5/23/2007
CBAA Grand Alumni Homecoming held News 5/1/2007
Muozonian USA President excited to come for the Centenary celebration Articles 3/23/2007
Filling of Candidacy Announcement 3/16/2007
Signing of Joint Venture Agreement held News 2/27/2007
Make a Donation, Build the Guestel News 2/22/2007
Engr. Genaro M. Tolentino : Profile of the CLSUAAI President Features 2/16/2007
Search for next president of CLSU is now open News 2/15/2007
Carminia L. Ramos writes 30 Features 1/25/2007
CLSU: 100 days to 100 years News 1/24/2007
To our Dear Alumni and Friends of CLSU Announcement 1/10/2007
CLSUAAI Inks Agreement with Terra Bio Plus Corporation News 1/10/2007
Dr. dela Rosa named Outstanding Veterinary Practitioner in the Academe News 1/8/2007
Pres. Undan and CLSUAAI Officials meet alumni in RMTU and BSC News 1/8/2007
CLSU produces 12 new CPAs News 1/8/2007
Know the News 1/8/2007
Coffee table book for CLSU Centenary to be out soon News 1/8/2007
CLSU-BEEd retains 3rd place standing in Licensure Examination for Teachers News 1/8/2007
CLSU register 53% passing in AgEn Board Exam; one lands in 3rd place News 1/8/2007
Contribute relevant news articles and features of success stories Announcement 1/8/2007
CLSU ranks No. 1 in 4th Fisheries Technologists Board Exam News 1/8/2007
CLSU alumni in the country, abroad pledge support to ensure successful celebration of University Centenary News 10/31/2006
The Heroes Literary 10/31/2006
The Centennial Logo Features 10/31/2006
The Carabao`s Prayer Literary 10/31/2006
Arroyo confers CLSU honorary doctorates on 3 business leaders News 9/30/2006
Polo tops Centennial Logo design contest News 9/29/2006
International Conference: Bridging the Gaps in Agricultural Research and Development Towards Sustainable Development Announcement 9/4/2006
Enhancing Goat Productivity thru FLS-IGM: DA-BAR-TCA Extension Project News 9/1/2006
Philscat Director is 2006 Outstanding Professional for Agricultural Engineering News 7/28/2006
BPRE executive conferred 2006 PSAE outstanding agricultural engineer News 7/7/2006
87 CLSU alumni employ at BPRE News 7/7/2006
Book on CLSU`s 100-Year Journey to be Launched on its Centenary News 7/7/2006
Alumni & Friends of CLSU Strongly Support Raising of P100M Centennial Fund News 6/15/2006
Postharvest Week Highlights Food Safety News 6/15/2006
CLSUAAI Holds Annual Grand Alumni Homecoming News 6/15/2006
upcoming events News 6/15/2006
Annual Grand Alumni Homecoming Announcement 1/1/2006
CLSU: Fast moving towards its April 12, 2007 Centenary News 10/18/2005
Bridesmaid no more News 10/18/2005
CLSU alumna shines in Engineering board exam News 10/18/2005
Alumni couple receives Outstanding Filipino Achievers award News 9/30/2005
Profiling a prolific writer: Wilfredo O. Pascual, Jr. News 9/29/2005
Let us support each other. News 9/28/2005
3 CLSU faculty named 2005 Outstanding Agricultural Engineers Features 9/23/2005
CLSU - CBAA yields 14 CPAs; ranks among Top Accounting News 9/22/2005
Sen. Magsaysay supports buffalo-based News 9/12/2005
CLSU Vegas Reunion Announcement 7/14/2005
Pres. Undan reaps honors as AIT Prominent Lecturer and AITAA Distinguished Alumni News 6/21/2005
ANGELITO VERDADERO ANGELES, Outstanding Agricultural Engineers In the field of Agricultural Mechanization And Renewable Energy Systems Features 5/30/2005
3 CLSU faculty named 2005 Outstanding Agricultural Engineers News 5/30/2005
ROMEO BUAN GAVINO, Most Outstanding Agricultural Engineers (Maramba Award) Features 5/30/2005
ONOFRE FABROS RINGOR, SR., Outstanding Agricultural Engineer In the filed of Entrepreneurial Management Features 5/30/2005
Dr. TM Aganon is 2004 UPLBCAA Distinguished Alumnus Awardee News 1/12/2005
8 CBAA graduates hurdle CPA board examination News 1/12/2005
4 BSCHem graduates pass Chemistry Licensure Exam News 1/12/2005
2 agriculture graduates land in top 20 of Licensure Exam News 1/12/2005
2 CVSM graduates among topnotchers in Veterinary exam News 1/12/2005
Dr. CPAganon receives William D. Dar R and D Award News 1/12/2005
Dr. Gundran heads Animal Control Program for R-III News 1/12/2005
CLSU is new member of Philippine Fisheries Institutions Network News 1/12/2005
Grafted Tomato bags 1st place in Likha Award News 1/12/2005
College of Fisheries produces 17 board passers; 4 in Top 10 News 1/12/2005
Dr. Abella named Outstanding Novo Ecijano for S&T News 1/12/2005
Faculty Association elects new president News 1/12/2005
Recipient of academic distinction leads mid-year graduates News 1/12/2005
2005 Annual Grand Alumni Homecoming and Fellowship Program. Announcement 1/12/2005
CLSU#s R and D Papers win awards News 1/12/2005
CLSU ranks 4th nationwide; 1st in Reg. III in passing percentage in teachers News 1/12/2005
CVSM is chosen 2006 NVAT Testing Center News 1/12/2005
CLSU performs well in inter-collegiate finance competition News 1/12/2005
CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS!!! Announcement 1/1/2005
Search for Gintong Awardees Begins News 1/1/2005
CLSU at 100: Its Journey to Humanity Announcement 12/1/2004
CLSU alumnus wins Palanca Award in Essay Writing in English. Features 12/1/2004
15th Regional R & D Symposium Winners Bared News 10/21/2004
CLSU faculty researchers present papers in Thailand News 10/21/2004
10 students granted CLSUAA,Inc. Scholarship News 10/21/2004
CLSU holds grand alumni homecoming News 3/17/2004
Tiririt ng Maya Features 3/17/2004
CLSU is TANGLAW awardee the second time around News 3/17/2004
CLSU alumni from the US organizes the 2nd International Homecoming News 3/17/2004
Saulong Park Features 2/6/2004
CLSU grads post high percentage passing in board exams News 2/6/2004
High School Class '64 holds 40th Year Reunion News 2/4/2004
USHS: 25 years and still counting. . . News 2/3/2004
CLSU is launched as 'Model Agri-Tourism Site for Luzon' News 2/2/2004
CLSU-Israel-DA-SCP demo farm Inaugurated News 2/2/2001