solicitation letter
(by Dr. Romeo S. Cabanilla  9/19/2008)

August 25, 2008 Dear __________________: Greetings to our beloved Alumnus and family!
For the Alumni Year 2008-2009, the CLSUAAI is currently "Building a Dynamic Partnership with our Alma Mater in order to Promote Quality Service to the Alumni At-Large and Friends of CLSU."
The resulting partnership will hopefully facilitate the proposed construction of an Alumni Guestel which we thought would make alumni visits to their Alma Mater more inviting and well-taken cared of by fellow Alumni. It can likewise, be a nice venue for our graduates withersoever dispersed to come for periodic reunions and warm fellowships as they come to get re-acquainted and view the old and new sceneries in their Alma Mater.
For this reason, the CLSUAAI is appealing for financial contributions to pursue the proposed Alumni Guestel into reality. A funding solicitation quota of $500.00/Alumnus numbering 500 Alumni at-Large from North America and European countries was set. However, we feel that donation has to be decided by the contributor himself and the amount set was simply a solicitation goal in order to reach the construction cost estimate of P16 M. In fact, we realized that there are Alumni who are willing to donate more than the contribution quota set. Remember, this is simply an estimated contribution goal based on potential estimated donors. Anyhow, any amount of donation will be graciously welcome.
Thank you very much for your kind consideration of this solicitation effort of the CLSU Alumni Association. Hope to hear from you soonest. signed: ROMEO S. CABANILLA President and Board Chairman

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